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Dragon Ball New Project In Development

Recently, Akio Iyoku, one of the producers of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero movie revealed in an interview with V-Jump (a famous anime magazine) that a new project for Dragon Ball is already being developed.

Despite not revealing details about the story that will be told, Iyoku said that the producers are aware of the great responsibility that is in their hands.

“The movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was created for viewers around the world, not only for Japanese audiences. Dragon Ball is a series that Japan is very proud of, so we felt a great sense of responsibility as we worked on the movie” he said.

Image Source – Google | Image By – Toei

“We’re releasing the film across America this summer. Naturally, we started asking ourselves ‘What? What’s next?’ Well if you’re also asking, a new project is already in production! Super Hero took five years to make, so it’s common for us to be working on what’s next! After all, Toriyama-sensei himself is always working on new concepts and Dragon Ball ideas. We’re all thinking about what we want to show the world next.”

That way fans of the famous anime can already celebrate the news. Even though the producer was succinct in the information, this is confirmation that the story of Akira Toriyama will continue to be told for a few more years.

It is worth remembering that Dragon Ball Super: Super-Hero is scheduled to hit theaters in Brazil on August 18, 2022. The reception of the audience can also influence the development of the new production.

Dragon Ball Super: Superhero: Learn More About The Movie

Image Source – Google | Image By – Toei

Dragon Ball Super: Superhero is an animated film created by Akira Toriyama and produced by Toei Animation. In the plot, viewers will accompany Gohan and Piccolo on a great mission to save the world from the Red Ribbon army.

In the voice cast, the film features Masako Nozawa as Goku, Toshio Furukawa as Piccolo, Ryo Horikawa as Vegeta, Yuko Minaguchi as Pan, Mayumi Tanaka as Krillin, Aya Hisakawa as Bulma, Takeshi Kusao as Trunks, Miki Ito as Android 18, among others. others.

So far Dragon Ball Super: Super-Hero does not have a scheduled date to arrive on streaming services in America.

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