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Dragon Ball Super Angels Must Follow These 5 Shocking Rules!

We cannot ignore Dragon Ball Super Angels when it comes to the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball Universe. They are one of the franchise’s most respected and powerful celestial entities.

Dragon Ball has always regarded the Angels as the most powerful beings, despite the fact that we have never seen them demonstrate their full potential. While Whis has become one of the most popular Dragon Ball Super Angels, we know that the God of Destruction is accompanied by one Angel from every universe.

However, the race has been a mystery for viewers since the beginning of the Dragon Ball Super series when Angels were introduced. Despite the fact that this has maintained a level of interest among fans they are frequently curious about the Dragon Ball Super Angels and their origins.

If you’re a Dragon Ball fan you’re probably aware that the Angels are extremely powerful. Even more powerful than Goku and Vegeta your favorite characters but what stops Angels from unleashing their full potential or showing off their abilities? As Angels they must adhere to a set of peculiar laws which gives their character a fascinating twist.

A God of Destruction Must Always Be Accompanied By An Angel

Every God of Destruction is accompanied by an Angel. Every Universe has a God of Destruction and an Angel who serves as God’s mentor and attendant.

Dragon Ball Super Angels are born with the ability of Ultra Instinct and are martial arts masters. They are assigned to a God of Destruction shortly after their creation with the task of assisting and guiding them in making critical decisions.

Angels Are Forbidden To Fight Mortals

Angels are bound by several limits and must follow a set of rules. However, this may be the most strict rule. The series has stated on different occasions that Angels cannot engage in mortal combat unless for training purposes. They will be erased completely if they do so.

Angels Are Unable To Choose A Side

Angels are powerful beings. As a result, they are unable to choose between good and evil in the event of a conflict. They must remain neutral no matter what they see. That is why Angels are the calmest characters in the Dragon Ball series.

They Cannot Seek Assistance

Angels as previously stated must remain neutral in the event of a conflict. If a universe is destroyed they cannot help prevent it nor help save it even ask for assistance preventing the destruction or help saving it.  However, they can use their own skills to defend themselves or save the cosmos.

Angels Can Increase Their Power Using The Angel Attendant Staff

Angel Attendant’s Staff is one of Dragon Ball Super Angels’ most powerful and dangerous weapons. Angels can use their Angel Attendant’s Staff for world-changing tasks in addition to their main powers of Ultra Instinct and martial arts. Whis used his Angel Attendant’s Staff to turn back time in Dragon Ball Super.

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