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Who Is Luffy’s Mother?

Since the beginning of one Piece Luffy’s parents have been missing, despite the fact that they are alive and well. The only thing we know is that Monkey D Dragon is Luffy’s father but what about his mother and why she didn’t raise him when he was a child?

Who Was The One To Raise Luffy?

Luffy is raised by Curly Dadan and has two brothers, Sabo and Ace (Non-biological). Ace’s mother was Portgace D. Rouge but she died. Sabo had his parents but he didn’t like what they were doing, so he went and met Ace and Luffy, which is why his mother didn’t raise him.

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Is Imu Sama Luffy’s Mother?

No. Imu Sama is not Luffy’s mother. She has existed for ages, dating back to the Joy Boy era and she is the ruler of the World Government as well as the only person to whom the Five Elders (Gorosei) bow down.

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What Happened to Luffy’s Mother?

Someone asked Oda what Luffy’s mother looks like and if she is attractive? Then he said “She’s a lovely, strict woman who isn’t old” so don’t you think she looks like Boa Hankock? As we all observed when Luffy arrived in Amazon Lily, she is rigorous and serious with males as well as the girls, and she is also attractive.

So back when Boa Hankock was a child, who was the empress of Amazon Lily at the time? Even though Elder Nyon (Gloriosa) wasn’t young at the time, she was not the ruler. In fact, I was always asking that question until I understood that the empress was Luffy’s mother. But wait, you’ll find out why and how.

The first reason Luffy’s mother didn’t raise Luffy is that men are forbidden on the island and no one is allowed to be there. She also has to follow the laws more strictly than others because she is the empress.

Ever wondered why Kuma sent Luffy to the Island of Women? Is Kuma still sending people to the areas he’s previously been to, even when men are forbidden on the island? Let’s leave that question to the side for now.

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Why Hasn’t Luffy’s Mother Been Shown As The Empress Of The Island, If She Is Alive As Oda Stated?

Let’s go back to Hancock’s past when she was just a 12-year-old kid. Hankock and her two sisters were on the Kuja pirates’ ship, which was led by the empress of Amazon lily island, who is of course the mother of Luffy and Oda did it again, but this time he didn’t show her face, which you can see in the episode.

The island empress (Luffy’s mother) despised the Celestial Dragons since they kidnapped Boa Hancock and her two sisters and were enslaved by them. As a result, she wanted to get revenge on them but she knew she couldn’t, so she joined the revolutionary army to achieve her goal.

“As previously stated by Oda, when Luffy’s mother gave birth to Luffy, Dragon was 36 years old and had already established the revolutionary army. So Luffy’s mother wasn’t the one who established the revolutionary army with Dragon, as some fans believe.”

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How did she know there was such a thing as a Revolutionary army? Nyon (the elderly woman) was always reading the news and they knew everything that happened in the world because of the newspaper, so that’s how she knew that Luffy had hit a Celestial Dragon.

So, because she despises Celestial Dragons, she joined Dragon and as you can see, the majority of the revolutionary army soldiers have a history with Celestial Dragons.

So that’s why I asked why Kuma sent Luffy to that island in the first place. The reason is simple because he was once there to kidnap the island’s empress, who then decided to join them.

When she wanted to go with Kuma, the thing happened without her people knowing about it because if they knew, they would want to join her, but she didn’t want to put more people in danger, and because of this the other women saw it as a betrayal. They saw their leader who ran away from her responsibility because she was afraid of fighting Celestial Dragons, which is why Boa Hancock said it’s rare to find someone who challenges Celestial Dragons like Luffy (referring to the previous empress).

So that’s what all Amazon lily ladies believe now, although the reality is much different than what they believe. She simply didn’t want to lose her people any further, so when the Empress joined the revolutionary army, she met Dragon and fell in love with him, which led to the magic and the birth of Luffy. I believe the same thing will happen between Luffy and Boa Hancock, and they will marry.

Have We Ever Seen Luffy’s Mother?

Someone said to Dragon in Chapter 586… As you can see in the picture, who do you think can say that? You’ll be surprised to learn that Oda didn’t put this bit in rather, he took it out.

What’s more astonishing is that following this chapter on the cover of Chapter 587, Dragon appeared by Ivankov watering flowers and we know that Amazon Lily women’s names are related to flowers, which you can look up but Dragon was watering a flower whose name is Lily (Amazon lily!!). This implies two things:

  • The first one is that Monkey D. Dragon somehow has a relationship with Amazon Lily Island.
  • The second one is that the name of Luffy’s mother can be Lily that’s why the Island is called Amazon Lily.


So, Luffy’s mother is from Amazon Lily Island and her name is Lily, and the reason she joined the revolutionary army was because of Hanckok and her sisters, and she sought vengeance on the celestial dragons.

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