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The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Season 2

More excited than ever to see it.

“The Devil is a Part-Timer!” and season 2 of this anime is among the most long-awaited summer anime return, and it is not without a good reason. We had been waiting for years to see Alciel and Lucifer clash like they always did but we had to give up hope for a while. Those who have seen the first season of the anime will remember how enjoyable it was at that time, turning the unexpected turn of events into something truly addicting while avoiding the exaggerated style of certain common stories of today. The storyline was simple: the demon king escapes to the human world and ends up as a part-timer in a Mgronald’s restaurant, where he will be definitely seen again when the anime returns with season 2.

Season 1 was adapted from 5 volumes of The Devil is a Part-timer light novel! The novel has a total of 21 volumes and is now finished.

Season 2 will adapt the tale from volume 6 and onwards.

Not only is the demon king quietly working at a Mgronald’s but is he a father of a child as well?

The Devil Is A Part-timer Continues To Fuel The Flames Of It’s Second Season.

And just in case the trailer wasn’t enough to spark your interest in the return of “The Devil is a Part-Timer!” here are some of the confirmed facts.

  • I’ll start with the bad news: in Japan, Disney+ has the broadcast rights to the anime.
  • Summer Time Render, for those who don’t know, it is the same in this situation, and despite having been broadcast for weeks… IT HAS YET TO BE RELEASED IN THE WEST. It’s the beast’s version of the well-known ‘Netflix jail’
  • It’s worth noting that it hasn’t been stated whether Disney + will also be in charge of coordination in the West. Furthermore, a German ANN member points out that anime in his country is distributed by a completely separate company, therefore in this scenario Disney + will only be available in Japan. You must however remain alert.
  • On the other side, the rumored release date of 14th July 2022 has been proven to be accurate. Of course, just a week earlier on 7th July, a special program in Japan will air in which the voice actors and actresses will discuss season 2. It’s unclear whether it’ll be broadcast abroad in any way. 

So really the only thing that remains to be seen is which platform the anime will be released on when it returns. Others have pointed out that in Japan, “Dance Dance Danseur” is broadcasted on Disney +, whereas in the United States, it is available on Crunchyroll. With any hope, this will be the road that one of the most eagerly awaited second seasons of a recently premiered anime.

Source – Google | Image by Polygon

Summary for the “The Devil Is A Part-Timer!”

The devil is a part-timer! Satoshi Wagahara’s light book series, with Oniku’s artwork, is a Japanese light novel series. In Japan, ASCII Media Works published the series while Yen Press released it in North America.

After a hero foils Satan’s intentions to conquer Ente Island the satan escapes to the human world with his comrade, he takes the appearance of a human named Sadao Maou. Without any powers, Satan begins working at a fast-food restaurant called Mgronald’s to survive in modern Tokyo. However, he discovers that Ente Island is insignificant to him and he decides to conquer Earth through the use of the corporate ladder, leaving satisfied customer after another.

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