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Secrets Behind The Existence Of A Divine Tree


Here is the Theory on how there was a Divine Tree that existed before Kaguya came to Earth. This is a question frequently asked these days in the Fandom.

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In some previous chapters of the Boruto manga, we got the information that Otsutsukis go to invade planets usually in pairs. Because one of them has to be fed alive to the Tentails so that it can grow into a divine tree and later revive again with the help of Karma. And thus the question emerged.

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In Boruto chapter 35 we found out that there were some other Otsutsukis who came in pair but their symbols were “Extensively Damaged”. The symbols were also placed orderly and the ones damaged seemed to have come before Kaguya and Isshiki in that sequence.

This basically answers how the Divine Tree that Kaguya ate the fruit of came from. It is simply from those previous Otsutsuki’s.Because we already know it existed way before Kaguya came to earth from the statements of other characters at the time.
What might be the cause that Earth still survived the Divine Tree cultivation and how they failed is still a mystery. But there is another proof that they did come to Earth.

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They left an artifact named Karasuki. Neither Kaguya or Isshiki knew of it being on Earth. You can imagine what they would do if they knew.

Karasuki is a turtle-like artifact belonging to the Otsutsuki clan.
And apparently has a very long lifespan, having existed for centuries. It has the power to transfer people through time. However, it requires a lot of chakra to perform.

Perhaps the Tentails is also just a highly advanced Otsutsuki artifact and who knows what other Potentials the Otsutsukis have. Who is the head of the clan that ordered not to kill other Otsutsukis? There are many questions still unanswered.

What are your thoughts on this matter? I want to know if you have a theory too.

And remember it’s just a theory, a Fictional Theory!

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