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Spy X Family 4 Reasons Viewers Loves It For

Spy X Family has just finished episode 7 a while ago. Have you ever been curious as to why this anime has been so successful in capturing the hearts of its viewers? So, here are the reasons why the public like SPY X Family.

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Comedy-Action Genre

Tasogare alias Twilight is a secret operative assigned to Operation Strix. Because of the participation of political leaders, there are numerous battle scenes with criminals and assassins in this anime. Although this anime is not overly serious, there are numerous comedic elements that add to the enjoyment of the plot. Simply said, this is a cool and funny anime that will keep you entertained while you wait for the next episode!

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The Presence Of Anya

Anya is the anime’s most anticipated character. The viewers are always captivated by the loli figure, who comes with her cuteness and innocence. Anya’s expressions are pretty different as well. It didn’t just stop there, Anya’s ability to read other people’s minds just added to the girl’s charm and personality.

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A Happy Family

There aren’t many animes out there that depict a happy family if you look carefully. The majority of their stories revolve around a family in crisis. This anime’s appearance has unavoidably become a breath of fresh air for the anime fans. Even if simply a lie, the appearance, and dream of a happy family in an anime is something to look forward to.

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Unusual Characters

Behind this modest, happy family, the manga’s author has succeeded in developing characters with unique personalities. A spy who marries a seemingly ordinary civilian working lady but is actually a very skilled assassin.

Not to mention the character of an adopted child who is revealed to be a guinea pig with the code ‘007‘ after being adopted from a slum orphanage. Of course, no one would have guessed that such a character was put in a family for a task known only to Loyd Forger, but it had to be revealed due to the advantages of Anya’s character, who possesses unique powers and odd hobbies.

What do you think makes the Spy X Family anime so captivating to watch?

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