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One Piece Manga Chapter 1053: New Emperors Spoilers

The following text contains spoilers for One Piece chapter 1053

In Chapter 1052, the Five Elders were struggling to figure out how to keep the news of Luffy’s victory a secret and what to do, to try and infiltrate Wano now that the borders will remain closed. Hawkins and X-Drake had a final conversation before Hawkins passed away. Meanwhile, the people of Wano celebrated their newfound freedom and made plans to honor the fallen. Yamato waited for Zoro and Luffy to recover on the castle roof and was ecstatic when they finally woke up. After explaining Momonosuke’s new adult body to them, they all enjoyed a hot bath before the start of the party celebrating their victory. Kid and Law were approached by Apoo with news of their new rewards and the names of the new Emperors of the Sea and a certain someone flew to Wano unseen.

Chapter 1053 begins with chaos as an unapproved photo was used in the newspaper announcing the new rewards with one of the Five Elders ordering a reprint with the deletion of “D” in the name and a different photo. Those responsible for distributing information were never informed of the change, saying the photo used was sent by Guernica of CP0. They are trying to reach the printers to no avail but are ordered to stop the printers immediately.

Morgans, president of the World Economy Newspaper, laughs at the chaos the paper has caused the nobility, saying it’s up to them to spread the truth, not the government’s lies. Thanks to their efforts, the entire world now knows of Luffy and the others’ victory over Kaido and Big Mom, and the resulting bounty increases. The three captains Luffy, Kid, and Law, are now worth three billion Berries each, and Luffy’s photo is updated to show him in his Nika form.

Meanwhile, the party is getting underway with the chef taking pride in the meal he has prepared. The group, however, couldn’t wait the two hours for it to be ready and only Jimbei is left to enjoy the fruits of the chef’s work. Instead, everyone is on the streets celebrating with free food. Brook and Hiyori team up to provide music as the crowd cheers them on.

Robin, alone in the castle’s basement is approached by Tenguyama, who asks if she is curious about the dolls she is looking at. He says it’s his personal collection and asks “Aren’t they the cutest?”. She then asks him why is the collection in the castle. He replies that it was originally a hobby but he was imprisoned there for several years.

This revelation makes Robin curious to ask who he really is. Tenguyama says that forging katana was just another hobby for him because the ruling was tiring. He then removes his mask and reveals himself as Kozuki Sukiyaki, Oden’s father. Robin asks if Momonosuke knows he is alive. Sukiyaki says no and he would like to keep him that way, though he believes some of the vassals might be aware.

He hides his identity out of guilt for allowing Orochi to gain as much power as he does. He was unable to escape the basement until after Oden’s death and contemplated committing seppuku. Robin then takes the chance to ask him about the Ancient Weapon Pluton, believing it to be in Wano. Sukiyaki confirms her suspicions.

In Udon, the Old Digging Camp became overgrown with strange plants, and the prisoners were impaled on vines and looked withered but alive. King and Queen are also among those affected, the vines draining their strength and nourishment. Queen is being kicked by Ryokugyu, who is irritated by the lack of quality booze and has vines coming out of his fingers. He initiates a transmission before confirming that he has arrived at Wano and ordering a battleship to be sent and that Sakazuki must not know what he is doing before the person on the other side can speak. He looks at a copy of Luffy’s bounty, determined to defeat him.

Back in the Flower Capital, Luffy is cheering everyone on but no one seems to know who he is. Momonosuke looks on with a smile, thinking about when Luffy told him not to tell anyone in Wano who he is because he didn’t want to be a hero. Kid climbs onto the podium Luffy is on, determined to defeat him in a fight. Luffy doesn’t take it seriously, wrapping his arm around the Kid just as the fireworks go off. Everyone applauds and the festival reached its peak with fireworks lighting up the night sky. Kid pulls Luffy’s arm away, saying he doesn’t want to be a part of the celebration. He wants to eliminate Luffy and shows him the paper.

The new emperors are announced: Shanks “Red-Haired”, Marhsall D. “Blackbeard” Teech, Monkey D. “Straw Hat” Luffy, and “Buggy The Genius Jester”.

The next chapter of One Piece will be available on Sunday, July 24th.

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