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A Terrifying Idea Appears To Be Confirmed In My Hero Academia

According to a fan hypothesis, Dabi from My Hero Academia was actually a Nomu all along. We’ll go over the specifics in this article.

Beware! Spoilers Will Be Discussed Here

The last battle between the heroes and villains of My Hero Academia has been as much a psychological battle as it has been a physical one. When it comes to psychological warfare, there is no better villain than All for One.

If All for One’s latest mental manipulation of Endeavor over his long-lost son Toya turns out to be true, it could be the most emotional damage he’s ever done.

During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Dabi, the fire quirk-using villain was revealed to be Shoto Todoroki’s older brother and Endeavor’s kid, Toya Todoroki.

When it became obvious that Endeavor would have been unable to face his estranged son emotionally, Shoto was tasked with defeating him and putting an end to his villainy. Endeavor vs. All for One is now the main focus of the manga.

Some readers wished for a little more between Dabi and Endeavor after the decision of combat between Shoto and Dabi (Toya). However, when fighting Endeavor, All for One was fully aware of Endeavor’s weakness towards his son and in Chapters 354 and 355 he whispered some remarks that surprisingly hurt the hero.

Manga 354 Of My Hero Academia’s Spoilers.

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“You never found Toya’s body, did you?”

All For One asks Endeavor, the one question that may give the No. 1 hero pause. The question appears to be illogical at first glance. After all, because he’s still living as Dabi, they certainly didn’t locate his body so why would that question bother Endeavor so much?

According to Dabi’s account of the event, Shoto awoke at a bizarre facility run by All For One supporters, where persons All For One had no use for were being held and treated.

While many of these people were young and clearly being kept because their quirks could be useful, Dabi’s appearance showed that he was being held and healed for a different reason: to deliberately harm Endeavour.

While Dabi may assume he was in a coma for years, neither he nor Endeavor knows the truth. All for One is well-known for having access to advance medical technology, which he has used to stay alive and create the Nomu.

The Nomu are created from dead humans, such as Kurogiri, who was at least partially created from Oboro Shirakumo, a former UA student who was killed by falling debris while working and studying.

Wouldn’t it be impossible for All For One to find a dead Toya and mutilate his body into a Nomu named Dabi if he spared Shirakumo from being crushed to death? Kurogiri is the only Nomu who has shown that they can be intelligent and have personalities.

This can be a fantastic revelation about Dabi (if it were true), but when All For One is involved it’s difficult to trust anything he says. Dabi has more knowledge about his human life and emotions than any other Nomu shown in the series so far.

Whether or not Dabi is a Nomu, placing the idea in Endeavor’s mind may be one of the cruelest things All For One has ever done. 

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