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Dragon Ball Super: Theory On The Super Saiyan Transformation

Fans of the Dragon Ball universe have long been puzzled by the riddles behind the Saiyans’ Monkey Tail, as well as their biology in general. However, the last chapter of the Dragon Ball Super series may finally bring some answers to this topic we’ve been wondering about. The most recent fight in the manga demonstrates that this quality is more of a hidden vulnerability than a strength.

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Saiyans’ Connection With Their Tails

Saiyans are born with monkey-like tails in the Dragon Ball universe. When this race of fighters stares at the full moon during a fight, they can transform into Great Apes. This transformation is one of the oldest in the manga, first appearing in the Dragon Ball series while Son Goku was still a child and appeared to be a long way from reaching the Super Saiyan transformation.

With the Dragon Ball Z series, new Saiyan warriors were introduced, along with some new information about this race of fighters. It is also around this time that the mythology of the Super Saiyan emerged, an all-powerful form that could have been attained a long time ago but that no warrior in that time span was able to pull off.

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Son Goku finally achieved this form by becoming a Super Saiyan. This was one of the most epic events in the manga’s history. Indeed, it seems remarkable that no inhabitant of the planet Vegeta had ever been able to fully control this metamorphosis, especially considering the number of formidable fighters that have been born on this planet.

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Possessing A Tail Can Limit A Saiyan’s Power

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 appears to have finally revealed the secrets of the transformation into Super Saiyan. A strange event appears to have occurred during Bardock’s combat against Gas in a flashback. While everyone expected Goku’s father to finally appear in Super Saiyan form, something unexpected happened instead. Gas cut off Bardock’s tail during the fight (which finally explains why he lost it), and the Saiyan then obtained a new power similar to a Super Saiyan transformation.

There is no doubt in the minds of fans that Bardock could never have gotten his hands on such power if his tail hadn’t been ripped from him. This event, which may appear innocuous at first, may actually provide answers to many of the fans’ questions.

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Goku lost his tail at a young age. Despite the fact that he has resisted the ape transformation countless times. It’s possible that Son Goku’s ability to reach the Super Saiyan stage was due to the fact that his enormous ape form was no longer accessible at the time. Would the power of this tail be transferred to the user if he were to lose it? It’s a plausible theory, especially given what appears to happen in the rest of the manga.

This idea appears to be confirmed by the characters of Vegeta, Trunks, and Gohan, who never managed to transform into Super Saiyans while still holding to their tails, except in the non-canon movies and the Dragon Ball GT series. This theory would also be supported by Goten’s case. Indeed, the child was born without a tail due to a genetic mutation, and he transformed into Super Saiyan with ease.

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