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Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 85

Dragon Ball Super is shortly coming upon the next crucial step of the Granolah the Survivor arc and the manga has published the first look at Chapter 85 of the series! The Granola the Survivor arc will be reaching an edge this year. Therefore the following chapter is all the more mysterious as to what to predict. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero might be leading the conversation as it’s just started across theatres in Japan but shortly we’ll see the next main step far beyond the incidents of the anime as Goku and Vegeta encounter Gas once more.

Now that Goku and Vegeta have both replenished themselves both mentally and physically, both of them have begun a fully powered rematch with Gas. Even with their full strength, Gas was already demonstrating to be much stronger than both of their efforts combined. With Goku temporarily down, Vegeta and his Ultra Ego form have an actual opportunity at taking down Gas. We’ve got the early look at DBS Chapter 85 through its raw drafts and you can check them out the below as placed by @DbsHype on Twitter:

The raw tough draft preview for Chapter 85 of DBS picks up exactly after Vegeta and Gas kick-off to the next level of the fight. Vegeta has the advantage as his Ultra Ego form gets stronger from the further damage he can take. With Vegeta’s body being back at full physical strength and Vegeta getting to use it in an actual fight against Granolah preliminary, Ultra Ego has the potential to be much more effective this time around, but Gas outcome to the problem seems to be striking harder with the purpose to kill instantly.

This is merely the next level of the fight and with Ultra Instinct Goku not fully out of the fight, this fight is only starting. Then furthermore, we could also see neither of them defeated in the fight and with Granolah himself yet to make a full recovery after his injuries. We’ve seen that the Cerealian get powerful after dire injuries much like the Saiyans can, so this might be preparing for an even more powerful form for the warrior before the arc is over.

What do you suppose? How do you perceive this early look at Dragon Ball Super’s following chapter? What are you striving to see go down in the following entrance? What do you expect to see before the Granolah arc finishes up? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!

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