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Vegeta Is Still The Eternal Loser In Dragon Ball

Vegeta has lost practically every major fight in Dragon Ball for almost 30 years, whether in the anime or manga. Chapter 75 of Dragon Ball Super had the potential to change things but instead previewed Son Goku’s next huge victory.

In Dragon Ball Super, what happens to Vegeta?

Vegeta’s situation was actually looking very good. He had recently accomplished a new transformation in Dragon Ball Super manga, which perfectly suits his character as an overly determined choleric. With his will to win his energy level rises. And years of being a loser, Vegeta has had enough.

The proud Saiyan was fighting his opponent Granolah shown in the last chapter of the manga. But again in the 75th chapter of the manga in which he could’ve used his power for the first time was shown to be lying on the ground. This is after being very certain of victory in the last chapter.

The whole new manga chapter “God of Destruction Power” was released a day later on August 18, which did not exactly soothe down the fans. Vegeta hasn’t been defeated yet, but there are clues that another twist is on the way. Chapter 76 will not be released until later this year. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Saiyan Prince was sent to the sidelines once more to make place for Son Goku. The fans are angry due to this fact.

In The Dragon Ball Universe, Vegeta Is Always The Loser, Which Is A Bummer.

The leaked images sparked everything from memes to accusations that Dragon Ball author Akira Toriyama has been torturing Vegeta for decades. Vegeta lies broken on the ground no matter how hard he trains and works on himself, no matter how much he tactically advances and evolves as a character. An analysis of all of his defeats finally went viral, with many accounts sharing it. Vegeta is the eternal loser in the Dragon Ball universe according to the internet.

In the Dragon Ball Super manga, Son Goku also suffered a terrible defeat from Granolah. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Dragon Ball over the past 30 years, it’s that Goku always comes back, gains more tremendous superpower, and always triumphs in the end. And Chapter 75 of the Dragon Ball Super manga appears to be laying the groundwork for it.

Which brings us straight to the franchise’s biggest problem.

Son Goku Wins In The End, Dragon Ball Formula Is Becoming Boring.

Whether it’s Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, or Dragon Ball Super the brand appears to have had its fill of brilliant narrative experiments for quite some time. For decades, the fight sequences that make up the majority of anime and manga have remained annoyingly similar.

It makes little difference how much muscle the protagonists build or what hair color they get during their Super Saiyan transformations. In the end, the famous fight sequences go somewhat like this:

  • A new foe appears.
  • Son Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z fighters fight him/her.
  • Because the opponent is so strong, the fight appears to be hopeless.
  • Vegeta is defeated.
  • Son Goku or one of his descendants reaches a new transformation.

Of course, not every fight is the same. Regardless, this formula appears to have become a meme, particularly among Vegeta fans.

Dragon Ball Returning To Its Roots Would Benefit Everyone, Not Just Vegeta.

It’s so exhausting to see a beloved character lose over and over again for decades. The introduction got off a great start, the fight between Vegeta and Son Goku in Dragon Ball Z is still iconic. Vegeta’s first significant defeat marked the start of some of the most thrilling character growth in the franchise’s history.

The same focus on characters could be essential to reuniting disappointed fans. Yes, there has never been a more epic battle between muscled superhumans and aliens in any anime or manga. The original anime series was a cult hit in the early 1990s for reasons other than the battles. It was also the rough but endearing characters as well as the strange environment they lived in.

So maybe there is no need for more dramatic Saiyajin forms and God transformations that will eventually let Vegeta win. Perhaps giving respect to the battered character is enough. Nobody can ever take away one thing from him “His Pride”

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